About Essential Chiropractic

Essential Chiropractic, Inc. was founded in 1988 by Brigette Bowler, DC. She was inspired to bring economic sanity and effective healthcare to patients caught up in the American Health Care industry.

The upper cervical model of chiropractic allows the body to right itself naturally by removing interference to the brain and spine which restores and preserves health.  Scientific evidence and proof of Chiropractic's worth has been ignored by the status quo of disease management industry for a century.

Now is the time for the human family to understand the truths of chiropractic to bring heath to humanity.  Let us show true healthcare! 


Why is upper cervical chiropractic different than general chiropractic? This discipline focuses on the first two vertebrae in the cervical spine - the atlas and the axis. These bones house the brainstem, and when wear and tear allows them to slip out of alignment with the skull, the brainstem gets pinched - a condition known as an Occipito-Atlanto-Axial (OAA) subluxation.  To protect the brainstem, the body adjusts somewhere else in the spine and the spine becomes crooked. 

An OAA adjustment helps to guide the body back into alignment with 1-3 adjustments performed over 9-18 months with regular Structural Hygiene education at visits that includes self-help techniques.



Highly Recommend!

After atlas adjustment right side hip and leg getting better after one visit. Spent years looking for relief. This is the move. Highly recommended!

— S.A.

Thankful For Great Care!

Dr. Bowler is amazing and I couldn't be more thankful for the great care I have received for myself and my family!

— D.W.

Helped Over All Well Being.

Dr. Bowler is amazing. She has helped my over all well being and has taught me how to stay healthy. I no longer take medications.

— C.N.



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