Expert in Birth Injury.

Dr. Bowler is an expert in birth injury. When my son and i finally found her it was the perfect solution. He felt better immediately. She was so gentle confident and knowledgeable.

— E.M.

100% Improved

Dr. Bowler is a great experience. I could not move my neck and after three visits along with the exercise regiment she prescribed, I was 100% improved.

— E.D.

Saved my life. 

— C.C.


Scoliosis is straightening out. 

Brigette adjusted my Atlas; now my scoliosis is straightening out.

— T.M.

Live that better life.

When I first met Bridgette, she was very informative and straight forward. I knew right away that she was extremely knowledgeable about the human body and I trust that she will help me live a better quality of life. It is clear that she cares about helping those that come to see her to live that better life.

— M.L.


I feel my age. 

In 2010, I had an accident. I separated my left shoulder and started to feel neck pain, at age 21. In 2011, I saw my first chiropractor. I spent $1,500 to get my bones adjusted twenty times and the pain would always return. In 2012, I saw a orthopedic surgeon who diagnosed me with a disease usually only seen in people over 50. I asked for shots to kill the nerves in my neck. I wanted so badly to not be in pain. I felt desperate. I accepted that I would have neck pain for the rest of my life. I learned to live with it. I sat with a heating pad on my neck most nights for years. It was the only time I felt relief. I began to consider myself an injured person. I had a bad neck. That was life. I changed my life to adapt to my disability. In 2015, I saw a physical therapist, which costed me a total of $1,500. It helped so much! But only temporarily. I felt so defeated. In 2016, I was referred to Bridgette. She gave me hope. It cost me $275 for a consultation, my adjustment and follow up. I feel better every single day, and I will continue to see her. She is a healer. In a way that the modern world has lost touch with. My entire life has changed. I can pursue movements of my body that I accepted I would never be able to do again. For the first time since the pain started, I do not consider myself an injured person. It's been a month since my adjustment, and I am forever grateful to Bridgette for giving me my life back. I feel my age. I feel 26. I feel great. Bridgette returned life to my body and soul.

— S.M.

“4 thumbs way up from my 2 sons!”

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— S.L.